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Banana production statistics 2018
Production by region
Figure 16 Ecuador: banana exports, area planted and land yields 1985-2001
Quantity of apple production
Value of plant and animal production industries in Australia, 1972–2017. Data is from Agricultural commodities: March quarter 2018 – Statistics – data ...
District wise Production of important Crops 2016-17
Total production (MT) and area planted to banana in the Philippines, 2008-2013 (BAS, 2014).
Production of coconut is concentrated specifically in Malappuram district followed by Kozhikkode. The lowest production is in Idukki district.
Banana Producing Countries
Production and export of Cavendish cultivars (2005 is the year TR4 was confirmed).
Production and harvested area (1961-2016). Source FAOSTAT
Australian banana production statistics by region.
Lacatan banana top producing provinces in Philippines (PSA, 2013)
Saba banana top producing provinces in the Philippines (PSA, 2013)
1.3. Total fruit area by commodity – percent share, 2017
Likely spread of BBTV over time with and without an active containment policy. doi:
Utilization of the banana (MT) produced in the Philippines, by usage, 2013 (BAS, 2014).
Total production (MT) and area planted to banana in the Philippines, 2008-2013 (BAS, 2014).
Average yield (MT/ha) of banana in the Philippines, 2018-2013 (BAS, 2004).
Total production (metric tons) and area planted (ha) to banana in the
Struggling industry? While it is one of the top industries in the region, challenges in the international market continues to hound the banana industry in ...
Banana Producing Countries
Honduras expects to export more this year than in the previous one. The exports from Latin America are not appreciated everywhere.
Total production (metric tons) and area planted (ha) to pineapple in the
Total production (MT), area (ha), average yield/ha (MT), volume of export (MT), farm gate price (Php/kg) and average growth rate (%)of banana in the ...
Data obained from Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), 2014.
Expected annual benefit of BBTV exclusion over time.
Banana production for the fourth quarter of 2018 was accounted at 2.42 million metric tons, increased by 0.6 percent from the previous year's level of 2.41 ...
Australian banana production statistics by region. Expected annual benefit of BBTV exclusion over time. doi:10.1371/journal.pone
2018 Policy Review for Fresh Fruit Imports into China
banana industry
Cameroon: Banana exports fell by 13,394t in September-October 2018, due to Anglophone crisis
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Banana industry
Top Banana Producing Countries In The World
In the business of fruit, who's really top banana?
Ecuador: "Perfect storm" continues
“The banana market is expecting a perfect storm”
Africa : Map - Banana - Production (Tons) - 2016
Banana plantation with quarantine sing
Production by region
Sensitivity analysis.
Banana Producing Countries
Top 10 Banana Producing Countries 2018
Banana exports increase, but profits stay flat
Australian banana production statistics by region
Latest data from the PSA showed banana production inched up four percent to 2.36 million metric tons (MT).
The United States' share in China's imported fruit market also fell drastically from 7.68% in 2017 to 3.88% in 2018.
Australian banana production statistics by region. Source publication. Model parameters.
Bananas are among Mindanao's contribution to the Philippines' export industry. MindaNews file photo
Agriculture Commodity Trade Statistics
... 2018; 5. Figure 5. Percentage changes in production statistics ...
Banana production in Brazil
Descriptive statistics [mean (SD)] of management practices for three different banana production
Challenges of banana farming in South Africa
Click here to download: Kenya tea production, exports, local sales from 2008 – April 2018
Due to the size of the industry, it employs hundreds of Dabawenyos. (Contributed Photo)
Ghana's Banana producers launch Association to boost sector
Largest Banana Producing Countries 2019
“The production curve used to be totally different, but it has changed in only 2 to 3 years' time. Ecuador used to be the king of the peak season in terms ...
Banana Producing Countries
Banana volume to rebound after weather woes
“IQF Banana Market Report 2019 to 2024” is the definitive study of the global IQF Banana market. The content includes orientation technology, industry ...
USDA: Citrus forecast claims all orange production up 76% from last season
Banana production in Queensland has become costly since Panama disease.
... Detailled summary ...
Expected annual benefit of a BBTV exclusion policy. Australian banana production statistics ...
Banana capital. Hectares of lands in Davao del Norte are planted with thousands of banana trees. (Contributed Photo)
Banana Producing Countries
... 2018 statistics and prices made available by the EIC on September 11th are arranged, summarized, tabulated and discussed in comparison with values from ...
Banana statistics
Low in the value of exports of bananas and juices and fruit concentrates impact-ed on the general behavior of agricultural and food sales abroad, ...
Mexico's banana-growing states
Banana top producing provinces in the Philippines PSA, 2013
Map of the Philippines
Based on the latest report of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the local farm sector grew by only 0.07 percent from April to June, slower than the ...
Figure 25 St. Lucia: unit value of banana production (real EC$ per kg)
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Tesco bananas and other groceries
Exports, jobs, and energy[edit]
Total production (MT) and area (ha) planted to durian in the Philippines,2008-2013 (BAS, 2014).
Banana occupational health and safety initiative (BOHESI)