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Buzzfeed british vs american food quiz
Pigs in blankets in America:
This British Food Quiz Will Reveal Your Age And Location In The UK
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17 British Foods That Seem Normal To Us, But Are Super Weird To The Rest Of The World
Burgers in Britain:
American pancakes are way too round and lack the charming imperfection of British pancakes.
Do You Prefer British Or American Snacks?
Biscuits are something to be dunked in tea not gravy.
How Well Do You Know These UK Food And Drink Logos?
The Hardest Game Of “Which Food Must Go” For British People
Spicy food in Britain:
OK, first up, all of these are puddings.
American breadsticks being like small baguettes instead of crunchy, slim things.
1. Chip flavors:
2. And when they learnt of black pudding, which is somehow even less of a pudding.
mustipan / Getty Images
Which of these crisps is Worcester Sauce flavour?
"Once my British friends and I made a savoury pie with minced meat (
Only A Brit Can Score 10/12 On This Food Close-Up Quiz
1. Can You Identify These Chocolate Bars Based On Their Inside?
Would you rather never have coffee again or never have tea?
ThinkStock / BuzzFeed. American bacon
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Which of these pies appeals to you the most?
When an American tried to make the classic British dish of roast chicken with Yorkshire pudding.
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Okaaay! Let's go.
17 British Foods That Seem Normal To Us, But Are Super Weird To The Rest Of The World
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13. Why do you experiment with deep-frying everything?
And America was called out for...just being America.
When the age-old fight over the English language was far from finished.
Breadsticks in America: British people ...
flickr: sk8geek
Flapjacks in America:
Burgers in America:
Can You Pass This Very British Food Quiz?
Biscuits and Gravy in America:
12. When an innocent question backfired almost immediately.
7. Why have you ruined the good name of cheese?
4. And when our obsession with toast in general was noticed.
Food laziness in America:
18. When our puddings weren't puddings.
A toasted cheese sandwich that's grilled, so a more literal interpretation
11. Which wasn't helped by the fact that they don't often eaten soft-boiled eggs.
Getty Images / BuzzFeed
What's The Right Way To Eat These Classic British Snacks?
To anyone not accustomed to the taste, American chocolate tastes like dirt – especially in
Sloppy joes in America:
Breakfast in Britain:
Do You Eat These British Foods The Same Way As Everyone Else?
Pizza in Britain:
When Britain was excluded from the conversation.
When Britain was called out for its bland cuisine.
This "Yes Or No" Food Quiz Will Reveal Whether You're More British
... Or No" food questions and we'll reveal if you're more British or American
16. What the fuck is going on with your portion sizes?
Breakfast in America:
When they questioned our fine food.
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6. When they thought our carb-on-carb action was a trolling attempt.
America, Are These British Foods Weird?
When the American way of making tea left Brits scandalised.
This post on the difference between British and American cooking shows.
Picture: iStock/Getty Images. Despite Britain and America ...
This accurate explanation of British people on British TV.
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