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Coal mine drawer
A hurrier and two thrusters heaving a corf full of coal as depicted in the 1853 book The White Slaves of England by J. Cobden
The Hurrier and the Thruster
They would exit the mine via the trap doors, held open by the trappers. Girls were often used for this work, because their smaller bodies could fit through ...
Scene inside an English coal mine, early 19th century. Child labourers.
These trap doors allowed coal trucks through, but also caused drafts which could spread a cloud of noxious gas. The mine owners believed the system of trap ...
This is a drawer in a coal mine in Wigan in 1890. Picture is from ...
“He sits solitary by himself and has no one to talk to him: for in the pit the whole of the people, men and boys, are as busy as if they were ...
The Getter
Derbyshire Miners Coal-getting at the Bolsover Face. Drawn by D Macpherson
Woman worker in a coal mine (1842)
cola mine
The Hurrier and the Thruster
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Children in Mines
As the demand for coal increased, the mines went deeper and deeper, reaching up to two kilometers below the surface. The deeper they went, ...
Stock Photo - Scene inside an English coal mine, early 19th century. Child labourers. A trapper opens a trapdoor to allow the thrusters and their cargo ...
Bell pit in Middleton Park, Leeds
BBC Two - Primary History, Children in Victorian Britain: Children at Work, Children working in coal mines
1867 Shower Curtain featuring the painting Coal Mine Stable, 1867 by Granger
As an addition to my last post, here is George Orwell's complete description of going down into the coal mines of northern England, taken from the second ...
A Newcomen steam-engine being used in about 1780.
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Illustration of Children Working in a Narrow Underground Roadway
Victorian Coal Mines
This 1877 drawing shows an air funnel from a ventilating furnace.
In this case a woman is the drawer for males and females are employed indiscriminately), and a little boy is assisting behind the thrutcher.
History of coal mining
English School - Female Drawer in a Coal-Pit at Little Bolton, 1842
Flooding was one of many dangers in the mines, and children often had to work in water up to their thighs while underground. Poisonous gas escaping or ...
Congo Mine Belt with Workers
Coal Mine and Miner
Drawers pulled heavy carts of cut coal to the pits surface with heavy chains around their waists.
918, Miner ...
Image shows the bathroom of a home near a surface mine in West Virginia
Martini Nightstand - Coal Mine
CHILD MINERS - THEN and NOW (Illustration) Geography Social Studies STEM Victorian Age Nineteenth
919 ...
3 Coal drawers wanted.
Chest of drawers painted in Chalk paint (coal mine)
A drawing of a young girl pulling a dram (1842)
Victorian coal miner pushing a minecart
Photo of mule drivers leading mules pulling coal cars out of the mine
Congo Mine Belt
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What Jobs did Children do Underground?
Recollections of Scotland's Past - Coal Mining
Mineworkers working in coal mine 1861
Coal Country Republicans Set to Cut Mine Safety Inspections
Entrance to a West Virginia coal mine, a 'drift' mine, circa 1908
Coal Mining Accidents
Coal mine cart - csp19897077
Cameo Coal Mine. Photo # 2004.0044.0974, Loyd Files Research Library.
They worked as drawers or trappers…
A very uncommon antique tool cart from a coal mine in West Virginia. The cart is wheeled and has a wagon-type handle on the front, and three drawers along ...
Child trapper holding open the ventilation door underground to allow a tub of coal to pass
Daughter of the Elige Hicks; the family will soon move to Virginia where the husband
Coxlodge Colliery (1844)
The miner's bible
Miners in a coal-mine
Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Youth Museum: inside superintendent's house
China Bucket-Tipping Railway Coal Mine Car - China Mine Car, Mining Machine
923 ...
Childrens Employment Commision 1842
Mining Cart History Of Mining In Ostrava
Coal Mining, Coal Miners, History
A mine car is weighed in a Kentucky coal tipple in 1946, before the coal is dumped into a railroad car.
Atherton Collieries, Lancs " An Order For The Pit" 1886 (Pitheadgear)
Scene inside an English coal mine, early 19th century. A hurrier transporting coal in
Diagram of operations from
The Multi Drawer panels work on the ground in the coal processing plants. Here coal is transported from the underground, separated from stones and waste, ...
Showers in an old coal-mine; Ammeters; Former Office; And the money is made of chocolate ...
... a seam of coal be conveniently situated on which to construct it, it will not be an expensive plan. See Fig 2. (The dotted lines show the position on an ...
Stock Photo - The surface mine storage place, mining minerals and brown coal in diferent colours. View from above. Industrial background.
Shandong Zhengchang Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd.-Zhengchang Coal Mine Machinery
Typical coal mining operations in Athens County, ca.
The Government Inspector found her fast asleep against a large stone underground in the Plymouth Mines, Merthyr.
Greeting Card Landscape - 'Coal Mining' - Miners coming out of the lift at the top of the shaft (please note the query below)
A drawing of Ann Ambler and Will Dyson being drawn up a pit shaft in Elland
A foggy future in coal country
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Coal Mine engraving illustration
Virginia's Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Program was established in the late 1970's to correct pre-federal Act (1977) coal mine related problems adversely ...
Coal mine operatives
Miner Boy working in a coal mine… and kids think they have it tough today.
Bucket-Tipping Railway Coal Mine Car
coal mining dangers