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Diary of a child coal miner
11. 57 poor miners.
A drawing of a trapper (1842)
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Revealed: children's diaries that chart WW2, life in Victorian Britain, and bed bugs during the Napoleonic Wars
Transcript. Coal mining poster
Child Colliers and Horse Drivers. Children in Mines
Breaker boys, Woodward Coal Mines, Kingston, Pa. 1913 - photograph Detroit Publishing
Coal ...
Children in Mines
Breaker Boys
Coal_miner's_child_in_grade_school._Lejunior,_Harlan_County,_Kentucky._-_NARA_-_541367. 2. Children of Kentucky Coal Miners
This rare 1855 diary written by a miner on the Ballarat Goldfields will go on display
Barely anything, but its still food; 10.
Newspaper clipping sent to National Child Labor Committee by Lewis Hine, January 1911.
“Hurriers and Thrusters” in the coal mines
coal mining dangers
Friday, 28 February 14; 7.
first aid wickes 1911
Illustration of Children Working in a Narrow Underground Roadway
Miner Boy working in a coal mine… and kids think they have it tough today.
Miners at the pit mouth. Coal Creek, Fernie, British Columbia, 1911.
What Jobs did Children do Underground?
Pit Brow Lasses from an unknown colliery in Wigan, Lancashire, c1887. (Photograph
"Child Labour In The Industrial Revolution" courtesy of Pinterest
The Hurrier and the Thruster
(Source 11) Drawing of Janet Cumming (1844)
Coal miners picking out "impurities" before the coal is processes. Before the child
ghosts of mines
A sketch of a young woman miner pulling a cart filled with coal. From the
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Slum children in London about 1890. Ripe for exploitation.
Printed text from 1842 Royal Commission into Children's Employment (Mines) Report
12 year-old John Davies at work in the Rhondda (1909)
Coal Mining Child Labor
Victorian Diary
“Britain's child slaves” | Courtesy of Pinterest
Child labour
A drawing of a young girl pulling a dram (1842)
These trap doors allowed coal trucks through, but also caused drafts which could spread a cloud of noxious gas. The mine owners believed the system of trap ...
Victorian miner diary entry
Child mine workers were called "red tips" because they sorted jagged pieces of coal
Victorian miner diary entry
The Hurrier and the Thruster
Teams of women were employed to use a windlass to lift coal and workers. Men refused to do such work.
Recounts of our Year 5 Victorian Day
A drawing of Ann Ambler and Will Dyson being drawn up a pit shaft in Elland
(Source 8) A child carrying out the coal on turnpike stairs (1844)
'Infant Slavery,' or the Children of the Mines and Factories is a poem, with the dedication signed by 'A Templar'. Usage terms: Public Domain
(Source 15) Mother and daughter in Manchester (1890)
Coal miner's daughter, Yorkshire, UK, 1952, by Carl Mydans
Child labour - Mary & The Miners
Child trapper holding open the ventilation door underground to allow a tub of coal to pass
Victorian Diary entree
Springwell Leeds Academy on Twitter: "After learning about child labour in Victorian Britain, our students re-enacted a day in the life of a child miner and ...
Child miners © Getty Images
The Royal Progresses – Travels through a coal mining town
Final Project Annotated Bibliography Working Children in the 19th Century By Rhonda Rinehart 4-24-11
(Source 12) Women miners at Rose Bridge Pits (1864)
Child Labor in America 100 Years Ago
Boys at work in a coal breaker.
The official number newsletter
Revealed: children's diaries that chart WW2, life in Victorian Britain, and bed bugs during the Napoleonic Wars - History Extra
Victorian Diary entree
all young breaker boys
[1] Schnapper, M. B. "Coal Mine ...
New Pendyrus coal mine opened Friday, 28 February 14; 9.
Child Labor in Victorian England
Coal miner's child in grade school. Lejunior, Harlan County, Kentucky 1946 (480
1911 Breaker #9, Hughestown Borough, Pennsylvania Coal Co. One of these is James
Victorian Diary
Proud to be a Coal Miner's Wife.....oh how true this
Victorian Diary
Coal Miner -- my dads father was an immigrant from Germany, who married a widow with 5 children and fathered 5 more. he worked as a coal miner for 10 hours ...
Victorian toys
... Elizabeth Barrett Browning's 'The Cry of the Children' as first published in Blackwood's Edinburgh '
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Recounts of our Year 5 Victorian Day
Darwin's observations on his children
Australian school kids lead mass coal mine protests