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Intercondylar fossa
The intercondylar fossa is located at the bottom of the femur, between the lateral condyle and medial condyle.
Adult Knee Trauma Radiographic Evaluation
On the posterior aspect of the distal femur is the intercondylar fossa. This is a large posterior opening between the two condyles.
Adult Knee Trauma Radiographic Evaluation
The intercondylar fossa of femur (intercondyloid fossa of femur, intercondylar notch of femur) is a deep notch between the rear surfaces of the medial and ...
Medial epicondyle
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Femur Anatomy and Attachments
Distal Femur – end on view anterior posterior right femur ...
Fig 6 – Posterior surface of the distal right femur.
18 Intercondylar fossa, notch view original Holmblad method
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3D 3D : Thigh image Intercondylar fossa
3D 3D image Intercondylar fossa
On the posterior aspect of the distal femur is the intercondylar fossa. This is a large posterior opening between the two condyles.
The bony references of the lateral wall of the intercondylar fossa.
Radiography Thigh - Lateral view image Intercondylar fossa
2 knee joint ( Tunnel view for intercondylar fossa) Patient Position  Kneeling on radiographic table side elevated  Affected knee flexed 70 degrees Part ...
The Knee Joint - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
Femur specimen showing point of extraction (see arrow) in the intercondylar fossa .
Schema Arteries of upper limb image Intercondylar fossa
Intercondylar Fossa (Beclere Method)
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Notch. depressed surface (depressions/openings) ...
... attaches to the posterior aspect of the intercondylar area of the tibia and ascends anteriorly to attach to the medial wall of the intercondylar fossa ...
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T2W sagittal image through the intercondylar fossa of the knee joint... | Download Scientific Diagram
image image
Popliteal notch •Anterior intercondylar fossa /•Fossa intercondyloidea anterior External tuberosity Condylus lateralis Outer tubercle of the spine of the ...
Medial Condyle of Femur
... 32.
Knee joint.Deep dissection.Posterior view.
Femoral Articular Surfaces Lower Part Femur
Tunnel and Sunrise knee055
This is a normal finding. Explanatory note: the cartilage is slightly thinner on the contact point of the medial femoral condyle and the medial tibial ...
Posteroinferior view. The intercondylar notch ...
... intercondylar notch roof, determines the notch height (distance between the roof and line C). The I.W.I. was calculated by the division between the ...
Schema Bones of lower limb image Intercondylar fossa
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Anatomy of the knee (Bones Muscles Arteries Veins Nerves)
Intercondylar fossa
T2W sagittal image through the intercondylar fossa showing a thick “band-like” soft
Skeletal ...
Elementary physiology. Physiology; Physiology. EXT. TIBIAL I — SURFACE INTERNAL TUBEROSITY .
Schema Arteries of upper limb image Intercondylar fossa
Popliteal fossa and knee joint
collimated field for intercondylar fossa. 8x12. image pa_axial_tunnel__holmblad-142D426FB31283B523A-thumb for term side of card
AP image and lateral image (mediolateral projection) of an intercondylar eminence fracture.
Intercondylar Fossa Holmblad Method
Because the medial condyle of the femur extends lower than the lateral condyle, the angle causes the two condyles to be directly superimposed when the femur ...
The cruciates or “crossed” ligaments are located in the intercondylar fossa of the femur. They are named according to where ...
5 ...
-Lateral condyle is the smaller of the two
-(A) Anterior approach to the knee with exposure of the intercondylar fossa.
Right knee in extension. Deep dissection. Posterior view.
The Skeleton of the lower Limb
Knee, half flexed, tilted X-ray (“intercondylar notch projection”)
The purpose for the Holmbald projection is to demonstrate the intercondylar fossa in profile, the femoral and tibial condyles, intercondylar eminence, ...
Abbreviations: cn, cnemial crest; ft, fourth trochanter; icf, intercondylar fossa; il, ilium; k, kink, lc, lateral condyle; mc, medial condyle; pr, ...
Figure 3. Diagram demonstrating the anterior (right) and posterior (left) bony landmarks and features of the femur, patella, tibia and fibula.
image b_11_3_2a1311190535318-thumb for term side of card. intercondylar notch
Intercondylar View of Knee
MRI Knee image Intercondylar fossa
2 Bones ...
80-7) ...
The Intercondylar Fossa of the
Intercondylar notch cyst (ACL ganglion cyst) | Radiology Case |
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Fig. 1. Anterior femur: (A) Anterior view of the entire femur; (B) The distal articular surface shows how the patellar surface blends into the medial and ...
Integrated Design Low Noise And Temperature For Intercondylar Fossa Operation Surgery Standard Configuration With Quick Coupling
... Tympanoctomys kirchnerorum D Tympanoctomys loschalchalerosorum. fh, femoral head; gt, greater trochanter; if, intercondylar fossa; lc, lateral condyle; ...
Adult knee trauma radiographic evaluation trauma orthobullets jpg 1104x929 Anterior intercondylar fossa
Posterior knee: Intercondylar fossa transverse. «« «« « «
Anatomy of the woodchuck (Marmota monax). Woodchuck; Mammals. A V< S3 a. 6 Fig. 2-40. Left tibia, lateral view and a, proximal end, b, distal end.
Right knee in extension. Deep dissection. Posterior view.
View of the cruciate ligaments
image intercondylar_fossa_(notch)-1412BEE334F37A42B15-thumb for term side of card. Intercondylar ...
30 Lower end: contains – Medial and lateral condyles, intercondylar fossa Medial condyle: On its medial aspect presents –Adductor tubercle – gives ...
The medial & lateral tibial plateau are separated by a minor elevation; the tibial intercondylar eminence.
Preoperative (A)-(C) CT and (D) 3D CT reconstruction of the right knee, revealing three osteochondromas on the intercondylar fossa of the knee, ...
MRI Coronal image Intercondylar fossa
Intercondylar fossa : Posteroanterior Axial (Beclere Method)
shows the mean intercondylar notch shape, using all 96 femora. The lateral aspect of
... Patellar groove - Iliotibial tract - Femur - Aductor tubercle - Medial condyle - Lateral condyle - Intercondylar fossa - Anterior cruciate ligament ...