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Designspiration | How to Search for Images by Color
Google Image Search | How to Search for Images by Color
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While scouring the web for color inspiration, we came across these 5 sites that let you search images, products, and artwork by color. Check 'em out!
How to Search for Images by Color
Bing Images Search by Color Filters
search by color stocksy
Google Image Search Tests Colored Filter Buttons
Let's Go! Search Shutterstock's giant image collection by color
Please click on the color you wish to search by so all products in that color show to make your shopping for scarves shawls and wraps and other products ...
search by color stocksy
Any information on the thread's notecard can be a search element. All EQ8 default threads are named by color and manufacturer.
Picasa Tip: Search by Color
The search by color ...
Google Image Color Picker
Using color labels allows you to enhance your productivity and file organization by ...
google images search by color
The basic idea of the multicolr Search Lab is pretty straight forward. First, you select up to five colors that you're looking for in the image using the ...
Shop by Color Via The Search Bar
After drawing the color sketch, press “Apply” to get new search results. We can call this “search by drawing” or “search by color sketch”.
Using the form on screen, upload a few images of varying color palettes. Then, to search images by color, ...
Color Identity Search Filter
Perfume Search by Color
thread color search
If you want to go back to searching by composition instead, simply toggle between results. Blue Color Search
The screenshot below is using Search by Color as an example, however the sample code for creating filters can be applied to all widgets. filter
Search results of orange pictures
Color Hunter allows you to find and also make your own color palettes. You can search for color palettes by keyword, hex color code or image URL.
... “Specific color”. This is the entrance of the new feature. Currently it is hidden and hope it will be placed somewhere easier to be found (Figure 1).
Color Picker Update: Filter by Search Terms
Visual Search icon
Discover a New Kind of Color-Based Image Search with Palette - The Shutterstock Blog
Color Collections
iPhone Screenshots
Figure 42: Search by modified example. Originally the car is black (i.e., the first image in the result list). Now it was changed to red – we got red cars ...
Design seeds website…tons of pics like this and you can search by color and by season, etc. Love it. (Thanks @Anna Luddeke for posting these today so I ...
Find the sum and color addition worksheet. Coloring book page. Math game. Addition
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search by color stock photography hex code stocksy
Vishion gave me the exact Sherwin-Williams paint back, in their color of the year Cavern Clay. The opportunities are endless with this app!
... should have a multi-page grid display of Flickr images that are Creative Commons-licensed and match relatively closely to the image colors you chose.
OS X Quick Tip: Organize your Mac with Color Labels + Search by Color Label - Apple Gazette
screenshot of fuzzy search
Then, using the color filter tool in the left-hand panel, you can select the red filter and find only books by Roald Dahl that have a red color. See?
Search by palette
Using Google color to search
Like a particular color. We can actually go under color and choose different colors. We could choose a red and update. Now we're going to see just our ...
Not only does this technique select images that are grey in color, in the picture above you can see that the color actually implies context: these fossils ...
FAVORITE PAINT COLORS || A website that lets you search by color and then see real rooms with the paint names listed.
search by color
How about only photos of orchids that have been used in news reports?
The Vishion App Beta pulls colors from your photos or allows you to search by color. Below are just a few of the results generated by the Vishion App with ...
Once at the Sunbrella website, choose “Advanced Search”, check the “Awning” check box and click on “Search”. Click on a color of your choice and then click ...
Anchor muline stitching threads - search by color cards ...
Click on “Update” each time you want to search new color, and use the slider to control the amount of color used in the design.
Search By Color
Auto Click by Color
2 Color Search + Minimalist
You probably already know about Design Seeds from Pinterest where you can browse hundreds of beautiful photographs and their color palettes.
Search by Color
I did a search for “Teal” below in the palettes on Colour Lovers.
Property of Exponents Word Search
Search results for Flowers
3 more color-based Flickr search tools:
Roll-on Vial: Set of Rainbow Colored Glass with Cap (6 Count)
Google Maps Improves Location Discovery by Color Coding Points of Interest
Start Typing the Color Name
Color Picker by Adrien Gervaix
old color search
Color Tool example- using the color tool to search for a specific color using hue
Komposition mit Rot, Gelb, Blau und Schwarz 1921
AGTA 'Code of Ethics' guaranteed all along the market chain, from dealer to retailer to buyer. Gem color commitment (fewer returns, fewer return swaps).
Choose between solid colors, patterns or palettes. Search by solid color
background colors as a technique