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Check out this clean #85_87 4x4 #black #crewcab #squarelife # squarebodynation #squarebody #squarebody_usa #c10 #silverado #chevylife #chevy ...
You can't turn around in Joe's shop without hitting some kind of squarebody merch.
Some of Joe's buddies have staked their claim on the lift in his shop. Plus
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You can't turn around in Joe's shop without hitting some kind of squarebody merch.
C10 Revival
This rendering of his '74 calls back memories of his dad's GMC, complete with the two-tone paint job.
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@squarebodysyndicate #silverado #suburban #chevytrucks #chevrolet #chevy #chevylife #squarebody_life
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Square Body Nation Shirts and Hoodies! Hanes Tagless Tee T-Shirt Image 3 of
The original chassis from his 2015 SEMA project, ready to go under a yet undecided vehicle.
Most of the squares in Joe's collection are '73s and '74s, but a
Squarebody Specialists
Joe Yezzi in front of Squarebody Syndicate's HQ in Arizona.
Joe's 2015 SEMA build WIP.
It's OK to Joe if they're rusty. He wants them as original and drivable as possible.
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The Best Trucks are at the. LMC Truck C10 Nationals!
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Square body Chevys and GMCs on Instagram: “Owner---> @sorrellsjosh #gmc #chevy #squarebodynation #squarebodytrucks”
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Dr. Goodwrench: Dentist by Day, Truck Builder by Night
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High-quality gear providers that have agreed to offer discounts to F3 PAX or royalties to support F3 Nation.
A red saloon car in Times Square, New York. Witnesses said it 'deliberately
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New year; same truck . . . . . . . #k10 #chevrolet
October 2014 Escape Monthly Review – “London” + Coupon Code 25
... She still doesn't have a name😂 #chevy #squarebody #k10 #
Starting at $19,995
Building dreams one piece at a time. 💁 Picking up some 8 lug axles tomorrow
The Last Castle: The Epic Story of Love, Loss, and American Royalty in
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